PRISM: The Dance of Light

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Well, the Nebraska Brass had their first read through of PRISM on Saturday evening and said that it should be very playable. I believe many composers are nervous that their new pieces may not work and, even though one may be an experienced composer, I suspect that there is a certain level of apprehension everyone feels.

It is comforting to know that the commissioning group is pleased with the piece and that they are able to “put it together” without too much difficulty. Inevitably, little things like typos always crop up and groups have questions about notes, chords, rhythms, etc . .  I’m pleased that only 3 typos were caught. As I get older, I’m becoming a better proofreader. 🙂

I’m anxious to hear it at the next rehearsal. Regardless of how many pieces I’ve composed, I still find the first listening to be exciting. The big difference between when I was younger and now is that when I was young, I was just happy to hear the piece and was excited with experiencing the sounds that formerly were just in my head. Now, I’m much more critical, because the sound produced never matches the perfect version that is in my head. When I say “perfect”, I’m not referring necessarily to how the piece was composed, but rather, the perfectly in tune, perfectly played version that I hear. 

Rehearsing my own work is really a dreadful experience for me as I have a hard time putting up with the errors which inevitably happen during the rehearsal process. Fortunately, I don’t have to rehearse this one and can simply offer suggestions and enjoy the piece.

I hope you can all come to hear the piece. It is exciting to share the piece with the world!

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